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Do little and Bums Story

In September 2017 it was just another day for Richard & Lucky to setup their weekly yard sale – trying to find a good location they thought about Jam Inc. located on 24 in Concord, would this be a good spot or “We could rent a storage unit and try and gain permission to setup a yard sale on the weekends”, so Richard went to talk to the owner Mr. John Burks. John was very receptive to the idea and said yes.

Over the next few weeks during the yard sales John and Richard had lots of time to talk and share stories, it wasn’t long before they both agreed that they shared some of the same passion for sales, selling good stuff at a fair price with integrity, and ethics and great customer service.

So, then it began, the partnership was developed with a handshake, purchases were made, and products were sold – agreed between both parties that a hand shake was good enough. Lucky was there to help track transactions and to ensure we both made money.  One morning Richard & John was talking about some old times and John mentioned his dad would talk about naming a company “Do-little & Bum.”  They both agreed that this was going to be the name of the new Business in Lynchburg only we would need to add a” S” TO THE BUM, Naming the new store Do Little and Bums. John would be DO LITTLE and Richard , Lucky and others that work with us to be the BUMS.

November 2017 we made the decision to try a couple of pallets of liquidated merchandise from some big box retailers, shelf pulls, overstock. Etc.  Over the next few weeks we continued to go to auctions and purchase more merchandise for our growing endeavor.

With our customers support & ideas we are now ordering tractor trailer loads of merchandise. We enjoy working with our customers so that is where the Buy-Sell & Trade comes into play. That’s what makes it work.

Our Promise is to Bring Something New in Every day.

We are customers focused and spend time listening to what our customer are asking for then we go SHOPPING to find it at our customers lowest cost possible.

Today we are offering to list just a few:

  • Tools
  • Household products
  • cleaning products
  • Lawn & garden
  • Clothes,
  • Jewelry
  • Antiques
  • Toys


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